Here is a simple guide on how to set up the key parts of your store. In just a few minutes you will be able to start selling your products!

Once you sign up for a new store, you'll be directed to the administration page to start your settings.
1. Set store name and logo

From your administration page click on "Settings". The first tab will be "General" and you can type in your store name and title, your store logo and other information. 

2. Create new products

You can add products now! From your administration page select the 'Catalog' tab, and then click on 'Products'. To add a product, click on the "Add" button, and fill out the form. Be sure the product is enabled, and click "Save".

3. Decide on shipping options

After your products have been added, you need to set up shipping. To do this, first click the "Setting" tab, and then select "Shipping". To turn certain shipping methods on or off, click the "Edit" icon for the method you would like to change, and then select the appropriate status (enable or disable) from the dropdown menu and click save.

If you want to charge the shipping fee based on the location of your customers, you'll need to set up the geo zones first, and then you can set up the shipping rate.

To edit flat-rate shipping, go to Settings -> Shipping and then click the "Edit" link next to Flat-Rate Shipping. Now you can enter different shipping rates for different geo zones. Don't forget to click the 'Save' button to save the settings.

Many other shipping options are available on Miiduu, check more options.

4. Set up payment method

And of course, you need to set up your payment options! Go to "Settings" tab, and then select "Payments". Find the payment method that you would like to use, and click "Edit" icon. Enter all of the required information for the specific payment method and be sure to select enabled.

If you choose PayPal as your option, just go to the Setting->Payments to find PayPal, enter your PayPal account's e-mail and then make sure to change the status from ''Disabled'' to ''Enabled''. You can also change the default order status for PayPal purchases, or switch your account into, or out of, test mode.

Check more payment options setting instructions.

5. Choose your design

Finally, decide on the look of your store by choosing a theme.From your administration page select the "Design" tab, and then click on "Themes". There you will find the theme options for your store.

Ok, your store is ready, let's get selling! Click on the "Store Front" at the top-right corner of your administration page to see your online store.