Variations (things such as size and color) are easy to add and use with MiiDuu. You can add more options to your products directly in your product settings. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Check the box '
This product has Variations' when you want to add more options for your products (Catalog->Products->Product Info). You can choose from the default options, then input the 'Value' and confirm the values by pressing 'Enter' key. If you want to create new variations, you can click 'Custom Option', define the name and input the values.

Step 2: After you finish choosing the variations, the option boxes will automatically show up for you to set the 'Price', 'Quantity', ‘Sku’ and 'Weight' for your products.

Click on "Save" icon. Your variations will show up on your product page.

If you have products with similar variations, you can also use our new 'Duplicate product' function, which will save you time when adding new products.