Importing products is simple with a CSV file! Just follow these easy steps and upload all your products in one go.

1. Navigate to Catalog -> Products and click "Import"

2. You will see a link to download a sample CSV file. The easiest thing to do is download this file and then replace the sample information with your information. The top row tells you what information should be entered in the column below and if it is required or not (for example Product Name (Required), etc). In the following rows you will see a few examples of how the information should be entered.Just replace these examples with your actual product information (in the same format) and save your updated document.

3. Upload your updated CSV file!

Helpful Hints:

Uploading product images:

Option 1: After import, you may edit each of the products via Catalog->Products->Edit to upload, from here you can upload and set images.      
Option 2. You may realize that option 1 is not ideal with a large number of products and images, so in this case, you can click the link "Click here to batch upload images" to open the image manager.

Click the "Select from Album"->"Batch upload" to select the images you would like to upload.

Now edit your import CSV file, input the image name into the image column for every product.

Then, go on to import. Once done, all of your product's images will be set automatically.

Import the products with variations:

If your products come with variations (such as color and size for customers to select), You should set that up after import. Click here to see how to set up variations.