To set up shipping through UPS you will need an access key, username and password. To do this you can follow these steps from UPS:

Please note: If you have already registered for My,you can skip the first four steps and simply login with your current User ID and password.However, for security, we recommend you create a new user ID and password for use with UPS Developer APIs.

1. Browse to 
2. Click on the "Register" link inside the "How to Get Started" section. 
3. In the "Submit Your UPS Registration Information" box, enter your name, e-mail address, User ID and password then click on the [Next] button. 
4. Complete the "UPS Registration" window then click on the [Next] button. 
5. On the "Thank You!" screen, click on the [Next] button. 
6. Click on the "Request an access key" link in the "How to Get Started" section. 
7. Complete the "Secondary Contact Information" and the click on [Request Access Key].
Please contact UPS if you need any additional assistance (

Once you have your account set up, select "Setting" tab and click "Shipping". Click the "Edit" link in the "Action" column of the "UPS" row and fill in your access key, username, password, and shipping preferences. Make sure to enable the payment method, and click save.

We suggest you log in to your storefront as a customer and do a mock checkout to make sure everything is working correctly once you have saved your settings.