Setting up your MiiDuu store to accept payments through your 2Checkout account is easy. Under the "Setting" tab, select "Payments". To the right of where it says 2Checkout, click "Edit" icon. Then you just need to fill out your account information and preferences. Make sure to switch the payment method to "Enabled" if you would like to make this option available for your customers.

If you do not already have a 2Checkout account, or you account hasn't been activated yet, the nice people over at 2Checkout have provided the following information to make the process as easy as possible:

Step 1) Sign up for an account and pay the $49 sign up fee

Step 2) From there you will receive a welcome email containing the required SIF, or Supplier Identification Form to be printed off, filled out, and either emailed back to or faxed in with the Vendor ID # received from the account sign up. Once received, you will need to allow at least 48-72 hrs for review of the website and/or services offered on the website listed in the account. If accepted by 2Checkout's Risk Department, then you will be notified via email and the account status can be set to live to begin receiving sales. 
Step 3) You need to place the website disclaimer necessary to determine who is providing the securely hosted checkout page,, and there needs to be a working refund policy, along with a privacy policy visible on your site.

Here are some quick links to answer any other questions you might have on the 2Checkout end:

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