Setting up wholesale discounts is easy with any paid MiiDuu account! All you have to do is click on the blue 'Wholesale' tab when adding or editing a product. Then just fill out the minimum quantity per order and the price to be paid. If you give greater discounts for greater quantities, just click the "Add Wholesale Discount" and fill out the form again. For example, if the unit price is 80 on orders of 10 or more and 75 on orders of 20 or more, you would put 10 in the "Min Quantity" box and 80 in the "Wholesale Price" box. Then you would click "Add Wholesale Discount" and enter 20 in the new "Min Quantity" box and 75 in the "Wholesale Price" box. You can add as many wholesale discounts as you would like for each product, and the price is automatically adjusted when a customer adds the minimum quantity for a price point to their cart. If you are only offering specific wholesale discounts for a limited time and specific customers, you can also select a date range and 'Customer Group' for each discount.