When your customer places an order, you can allow them to upload files (pictures, photos, doc, etc) for customization. It's quite easy to do in Miiduu, here are the steps?

*Please note that this feature is only available for accounts with unlimited and above plans. 

Step 1) To activate this feature, please go to "Settings"->"Advanced"->"DIY Products". Then choose yes and instructions to your customers.

Step 2) When you create products, click tab: 'Customer Upload' and select 'yes'.

Step 3) Once your customers choose the product that needs customization, they can now upload the file in the order confirmation page.

Step 4) Go to sales->orders->order details to check and download the uploaded file.


1. Use zip format if you want your customer to upload multiple files.
2. The customer uploaded files are located under buyer_upload folder in your image folder, and the filename equals the order id.