Do you want to set up live chat to communicate with your customers more expediently? You can do this by embedding a live chat button to your site. 

Take Zopim as an example

Go to to register an account, then click ' Widget' under the 'Settings' tab in the left sidebar and you'll find the code for '
Zopim Live Chat Widget'. After you get the code, you can paste it into your store sidebar or the store template. 

a.To embed the code to the sidebar, you can follow our instructions on how to embed code to Miiduu store.
b. To embed the code to the store template, we recommend you to embed it to your store footer. Go to "
Design"->"Theme"->"Edit HTML/CSS"->([theme_name]/template/common/footer.tpl) to paste the code you've got from zopim.

Congratulations, the 'Zopim Live Chat' has been successfully added to your store.