You can market your online store by adding it as a tab to Facebook page. For this just follow these instructions below.   

1. Go to Miiduu App store and install the "Facebook shop" App to your Miiduu store. 

2.Log into your Facebook account. Search "static html" in the Facebook search box and click on "Static HTML: iframe tabs" from the results. 

3. Click on "Add static html to a page"

4. Select a Facebook page to add Static HTML: iframe tabs to. 

5. You will see a "Welcome" tab on your page(Or click on "More" to find it). Then, click on "Edit tab". You will see an area to paste your Miiduu store code. 

6. Go to your Miiduu administration->Settings->Facebook Shop. Copy your Miiduu store code and paste it to the Facebook html area. You can also edit the Tab name & image. Then, save and publish the tab. 

Once you're all done, your Facebook shop will look something like this:


Some Facebook Shop Tips and Reminders:

* Facebook does not allow us to insert your shop into your personal profile, so you'll need a Facebook Business (or Community) page. If you do not have one yet, just sign up for one here:!/pages/create.php

*We suggest you place your Shop tab within the first three positions so that it's easier for your customers to find. To do this, just click and drag it to where you want it. You can also change the Facebook Shop icon and name. Please click on here to get detailed info.

Now that your Facebook store is all set up, don't forget to check out our other post on how to gain Facebook fans for your page.