MiiDuu also offers you the ability to embed your products right into your blog, your e-mail, your social media site, or anywhere else you can add HTML code!

When viewing your product list from your Administration page, you will see a link next to edit that says "Share". You can then customize the size your product will display at and if the button says "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now".

Then just copy the HTML code and put it anywhere you want! Are you writing a blog post about a new product? Now your customers can see the item's name, picture, price, and add it to their shopping cart directly from your post! Is there a new product available that you just know one of your regular customers will love? E-mail it to them! Anywhere you can post HTML code, you can post your products! This is a great way to build exposure for your store, especially if you already have a blog, social media page, or other site on which you're active.