Miiduu is fully optimized for Search Engine Optimization and provides overall SEO settings functions. 

1.Store Name and Title
To have a more attractive and meaningful store name and store title (which should be 5-10 words), we suggest your main product's name be included in the store name or title.

Please go to System->Setting->General to set your store name and title.

2.Titles and URLs of Category and Product pages

Miiduu uses the names of categories and products as the title and url default. Generally, this is the preferred method for SEO. You can also customize the url yourself.

When you add a new product you'll see the '
Search Engine Optimizations' box, where you can customize the SEO URL for your product. The same applies to categories, click the 'Advanced' tab when a new category is added, you'll be able to set a SEO URL for your category.

3.META Keywords and Descriptions (Optional) 

The function of Meta tags has been weakened due to the popularity of SEO, so it's less important than it once was with some search engines. But, if you still want to set it, please go to "Setting"->"General"->"Store details", where you can add the 'Meta Tag Description' To set it for the product and category, it's the same route as with setting the SEO URL (see above).


Search engines use the sitemap to analyse the structure of a website. We have prepared everything for you though, so you can sit back and relax. Generally, the sitemap URL is on the footer of your Miiduu store.

Those are all the areas for SEO within your store. Unfortunately these steps might not be enough if you want to have a high search engine ranking. Submitting your store to Google, sharing your store to social websites, affiliate programs and getting other websites to link to your store can all help. Please go to your Admin->Marketing->Promote your store to view more.