Step 1) Login to Google Webmaster with your Google account.

Step 2) Click "Add a Property" to fill in your store url.

Step 3) Go to "alternate methods" , choose "HTML tag" and Google will give you a meta name and content.

Step 4) Now it's time to add a meta tag to your miiduu store. There are two ways to do this:

Option A) Visit the Miiduu App Store to install the app "custom meta tag".

Then configure this app through miiduu dashboard->top navigation: by going to App Store → Installed App. Fill in the meta name and content you got from Google. See screenshot below.

Option B) Alternatively, go to "Design" →"Theme"->"Edit HTML/CSS"to add a meta tag into your template file (<template_name>/common/header.tpl)

Step 5) Finally, go back to your Google Webmaster account and click "verify" to finish the process!