Start by creating an account with Miiduu and choosing a plan for details and the number of languages included with each plan. Once you have set up your account and you are logged in, go to "Settings"->"Language". The default language will be set to English.

To add a language, click “add more” in “Storefront Language” and choose one or more languages from the options. Click “save” to save the new settings.

You will now be able to enter product information and update your store in all of the languages you have chosen. Note that if you have previous product information, you will need to go back and edit it for the new languages.

You can also change the default language by scrolling over the language you desire and clicking on “set as default”.

Miiduu offers smart features for your visitors also. Miiduu automatically detects the visitor’s language (based on their browser settings) and shows the site in their language, where applicable. Visitors also have the option of choosing to see your site in any of the languages available for your store. When they return to your store, they will then automatically see the store in their chosen language.

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